Will you need the information that you compile in MyVault? Not likely.
Will your spouse, your children, your caregiver or your executor? Absolutely!

Parents need to compile this information for their children. Children want the peace of mind of knowing they will be able to access all of this information in one place when the time comes.
As one of the children, you might want to give the program to your parent or parents as a gift and offer to help fill it in.
What follows are some of the features of MyVault for you to check before going to the the Home Page to view detailed samples.

If you own a computer, you are computer literate enough to use this program.
This is a secure password protected data base for recording need to know information.
It is easy to enter data and to add an unlimited number of pages.
It is not kept on a computer, or a server, and is non-cloud based.
It is kept on a password protected USB drive, aka thumb drive, pen drive.
A caregiver or survivor can transport the USB to their computer if your computer can't be accessed.
It features one click printing for a page, a set of pages or the entire file.
You can link to a scanned document that can be viewed or printed with a click of a button.
It is simple to modify or update.

Record, link, view and print Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Liability Insurance, Health Insurance and Specialized Insurance policies and contact information.

Record, link, view and print Banking Information such as accounts, logins, passwords, pin numbers, loans, lines of credit, credit cards, debit cards, payment dates and transfers.

Record, link, view and print documents such as, deeds, warrantees, manuals, wills and legal documents.

Record, link, view and print contact lists of, lawyers, doctors, agreements, family and friends.

Record, link, view and print details on medication, bequeaths, funeral arrangements, contracts, renewal dates and other miscellaneous information.

While not actually a feature, contemplate this:
Suppose I am the person who has to look after your affairs while you are recovering from an illness or a stroke or an accident.
You get your Hydro bill from the post office but pay it on line. You get your phone bill on line and pay it on line. You get you water bill on line but pay it at the municipal office. You get your internet bill on line but it is taken off your bank account automatically. You transfer money to a special account each month from your bank account. You make your credit card payment at the bank for some reason. Your home insurance and several other bills come off your credit card and, since bad things happen in 3's, you just got your new credit card and I have to access those companies to change the expiry date.

What are the logins and passwords?  ........................... You are leaving me with a nightmare !
How am I supposed to know how and when bills come in and how they get paid?

If you had spent a few dollars on MyVault you could have supplied me with all the information I need to keep things running smoothly until you recover.
Check out the HOME page and see how easy it is.